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Warring on the inside

Maintain peace between your spirit and your flesh so that the two are not warring against you on the inside to keep you from doing the things you want to do!


Unexpected Anger

There will be unexpected situations that can provoke you to become angry, but don’t allow this anger to settle inside nor allow it to lead to irrational behavior that can not be reversed.

Purpose and Need created for.

There is a purpose & need that only you were created to fulfill, but if you become weary and lose heart at well doing you can’t be the one that fulfills that need & purpose!

Reversal of negative words

If there be any one who has spoken a dead or negative word in your life forgive them and speak positive words to yourself and them that a there may be peace.

When winds are blowing

There will never be a time when the winds in life totally stop blowing, so use every opportunity available to sow seeds in & around your life that there may be a great harvest!!


When you battle against the strong forces in your life don’t focus on how overwhelming it is, the God that you serve will never leave you alone!

Holding on to your faith!

When all else fells around you hold on to your hope it is the foundation to which leads to the faith needed to work inside you!