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Things you view as being unnecessary

There are things that we experience in our life time that we think are unnecessary, but if we pay attention in God’s timing he can reassign those things & use them to get us to our next destination! –Share Via GO SMS


The stature you walk in

When you are in your daily surroundings try walking in the stature of who you are instead of the person of what you do or have done!!


Don’t leave prayer on the shelf as a priceless jewel, this is a tool not hard to use, anytime anyplace at your own pace!

Paths designed just for you

Even though the path you are on may not be clear to others to grasp hold of is not a reason for you to abandon any paths that are designed just for you!

Things that hinder your progress

Things that are not of a concern to you & the progress of your future should not be considered as a worry factor to you as well!

Are you running fear out

If you don’t use the knowledge made available for you to run fear out of your life, you will allow fear to put you under lock and key!!

Be confident

Be confident and rest assure that if God has planned a path for your life no matter what tries to block it, God’s timing will prevail all!!