Flaws are not your DNA!

One should never allow the flaws that are on the outside, define the DNA that is destine to live on the inside!


Focusing on the positive

Choosing to focus in on the Positive memories of life, leaves no room for Negative thoughts of tomorrow!

When things just don’t feel Right!

If your in a position where things seem a bit tight, and just don’t feel right; continue to trust God, believe and know that things will be all right!

Your Story

Only you will be able to tell your story of “Victory” at the end of your race!

Your piece of the puzzle

It may not be visible at this moment in your life, but everything that you have experienced is a piece of the puzzle that makes up the blue print to your future!

Dealing with fear

Allowing fear to dominate the decisions you make towards your future today, sets up roadblocks for tomorrow!
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Walking in integrity

Choosing to walk in integrity bears witness to a standard a values set to accomplish things beyond what is expected of one when no one is around!